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h y loi consultants schoolbag.sg article

All in a Day's Work

Most people would not have heard of H Y Loi Consultants, but two days with the company were enough to impress upon three Victoria School students how vital a land surveyor's job is to many other sectors.

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Our Principal

Mr Loi Hwee Yong
Mr Loi Hwee Yong - Our Principal

Mr Loi Hwee Yong graduated with an Honours Degree in Land Surveying from the University of Newcastle (Australia) under a Colombo Plan scholarship. He joined the Lands & estates Organisation (now DSTA), Ministry of Defence in 1982. He left the service as Head of Survey Branch to join the private sector in 1991.

His service to the industry includes being the President, Land Surveying, Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers (since 2009), and a member in the Land Surveyors Board.

His extensive experience in land surveying includes his being consulted on land issues and for litigations.

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