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What a land surveyor can do for you

Homeowners, contractors, developers, architects and engineers all depend on land surveyors to begin a project on their property. Incorrect surveys can lead to faulty or misplaced constructions that requires costly rectification.

Land surveyors determine boundaries and position of existing features on a plot of land to prepare accurate maps and plans. They also set out for construction works, verify the correctness of positions and make the final measurements and reports for submissions to the authorities for completion of projects.

Using precise instruments and methods, land surveyors also monitor structural and geo-physical movements especially those associated with tunnelling works or mammoth structures.

At a more complex levels, land surveyors also measure precise 3D data of structures for fabrication and installations such as massive steel structures requiring being ‘first time right’.

Land surveyors are also the only persons licensed to subdivide land and strata units in a building. This can be for land owner, building owner or even a strata unit owner.

Land surveyors are also called upon to assist in the resolution of boundary disputes, encroachment issues, land issues and investigations requiring precise geometric measurements. These include being the expert witness in court proceedings.

Land surveyors who are licensed to undertake land surveying jobs are called Registered Surveyors.


Why do I need to engage a Registered Surveyor?

In Singapore, the land surveying profession is governed by the Land Surveyors Act. The person can only provide professional land surveying services if he satisfies both of the following two requirements:

  • Being registered with the Land Surveyors Board, and
  • Holds a valid Practising Certificate issued by the Land Surveying Board.

A Registered Surveyor is one who satisfies the above requirements.

The Land Surveyors Act is instituted to protect the interest of the public rather than the land surveyor. Your protection can be in the following forms:

  • Assurance of professional services and supervision
  • Professional liability and accountability of works done
  • Requirements by government authorities and agencies
  • Avenues for redress – land Surveyors Board, Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers


Where can I find a suitable Registered Surveyor?

The list of registered surveyors and their companies are listed in the Land Surveyors Board website:


The alternative source is the Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers.

Land Surveying firms are also listed under:


Where can I send my enquiry?

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