Getting The Right Building Survey Drawings

The land surveyor is not a building surveyor who evaluates building conditions. Instead, he measures buildings to prepare building survey drawings such as floor plans, elevation views, roof plan, cross sections and structural dimensional details. Building survey drawings, also known as ‘measured drawings’, are needed for: Accurate details of existing features to facilitate design Conservation […]

I think my neighbour’s wall is in my property

  “Is my neighbour’s wall sitting on my land?” is a common question among landed property owners. When owners do complain to BCA and SLA on land issues involving boundaries, they will be advised to engage a registered surveyor instead. Boundaries are not defined by perimeter walls or fences. The foremost task is to determine […]

Where is my Boundary?

If you think your perimeter wall defines your land boundary, you are dead wrong! The boundary of your property is defined by a Certified Plan – a record kept by Singapore Land Authority (SLA). Property Owners with 2FA SingPass can view for free through this link. Alternatively, you can purchase such plans through this link . […]

Need A Land Surveyor?

  What a land surveyor can do for you Homeowners, contractors, developers, architects and engineers all depend on land surveyors to begin a project on their property. Incorrect surveys can lead to faulty or misplaced constructions that requires costly rectification. Land surveyors determine boundaries and position of existing features on a plot of land to […]